30 Jun 2009

Avoid Hardee’s of Valdosta #6

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This is mostly a note to myself, but some of you who are in the Florida / Georgia area and who also patronize fast food restaurants may benefit as well:

On a recent road trip, I picked the wrong Hardee’s. The floors were dirty, the shake machine was out of commission, the soda was flat, and they screwed up my order. (I had ordered my burger first, then I ordered my son’s and asked them to hold the onions and pickles. They held the toppings on my burger as well.)

But to top it all off, after we got our food I wanted some ketchup. I went up to the condiments area, and the dispenser was empty. So I asked at the counter, and the lady said, “Sure thing, one moment.”

She went in the back, and I thought she forgot about me, because how long could it take to grab a few ketchup packets? But a minute or two later, she came back with a little plastic bowl filled with ketchup. “We’re still waiting to get our packets in,” she explained.

Inasmuch as there are 10 Hardee’s per square mile in this region of the country, in the future I will tough it out and drive past the Valdosta #6 Hardee’s location.

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