09 May 2009

Talk About a Softball

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I am in the middle of doing a radio show Saturday night to promote my book. When the show went to its first commercial break, all of a sudden I couldn’t hear anything. Yet, I could tell I was still on the line.

So I called the station from my cell phone, while holding the landline to my other ear. I got the producer and explained the situation. He said, “Well, we’re still showing you on hold, so let’s keep your cell open too. If we don’t have you when we come back from break, we’ll switch to your cell without missing a beat.”

So anyway once the show came back (I could hear the commercials on my cell phone), the landline came back on; I could hear everything. So I hung up my cell.

Then I heard the host say, “Welcome back folks we’re talking to Dr. Robert Murphy about his new book The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal. If you’d like to ask Dr. Murphy a question…oh, we just lost the caller. Well if you’d like to ask Dr. Murphy about our current crisis, the toll-free number is…”

I had a hilarious idea because of the above episode. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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