20 May 2009


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I am really cheating on this one; my Firefox browser is filling up with tabs, so I’m putting things in this blog post to which “I shall return!”

* Jim Manzi gives a quick and dirty estimate of the costs and benefits of Waxman-Markey. Note that I literally haven’t even skimmed this yet, but in the past Manzi’s description of the climate models was the most useful I had found (word for word).

* The Center for American Progress criticizes the Spanish study on “green jobs.” There is some snark in here, but this is actually a decent critique. Don’t get me wrong, I still agree with Calzada and disagree with CAP, but the CAP writers raise legitimate points. I plan on writing a response within the next week.

* A list of Christian libertarian blogs. I haven’t checked any of these out, but I know some of you have expressed shock and awe at this blog, so here ya go.

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