05 May 2009

Murphy Media

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Here is the mp3 of my appearance on the G. Gordon Liddy show. He was actually a really sweet guy, no lie. But during the commercial break somehow it came up that he and other FBI agents were once asked to provide extra security for President Eisenhower. Liddy said that he had been chosen because they had electronically clocked it that he could go from holster to shot in 64 hundredths of a second.

Then here is the video of the Heritage panel on green jobs. (Note that two of us are hardcore Rothbardians! The melding of theory and policy!)

Incidentally, Joe Romm deconstructed us at the blog Tom Friedman finds “indispensable.” I’m not being sarcastic, I really don’t even understand Romm’s post. Is that him writing? What’s with the italics, and why is he crossing out words? If he’s correcting somebody else’s commentary, whose is it?

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