04 May 2009

Hotel Follies

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I’m back in the hotel (briefly) before heading out to dinner with the other members of the truth commission participating in Heritage’s “green jobs” panel. I also have some good anecdotes from G. Gordon Liddy’s show this morning. But I’ll post the links and stories later.

For now, two hotel points:

* Does the Embassy Suites know game theory? See, I want to watch the movie Taken later tonight when I get back from dinner. But IER is taking care of the hotel bill. So is it going to show up as “Taken,” or just “A movie Monday night”? Because I hear–“really baby it’s not mine”–that hotels don’t put naughty titles on your hotel bill. But if they do list the titles of normal movies (which just feature good wholesome things like adult kidnappings and information derived through torture), then that defeats the purpose. So, I’m basically wondering if the expense department at IER is going to receive a signal of poor quality. I’m sure there is a Bayesian joke in here somewhere.

* You know how when you watch X-Men you wish you had a mutant power? Well I have realized over several hotel stays that one of my powers is the ability to demagnetize hotel room keys even that are nowhere near my cell phone. Not sure when this will prove useful. If I am able to levitate metal objects as well, I’ve yet to figure out how.

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