20 Apr 2009

Welcome to Free Advice!

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Because of the launch of my new book, there are many new visitors here. Ironically, this is the one week when I can’t really post much new material, since I am so busy with radio interviews.

In the meantime, please check out my main website to find out who the heck I am, and also check my upcoming speaking engagements if you want to see me in person.

If you’re curious about my new book, here is my infomercial on LewRockwell.com.

If you are curious about the Austrian School of economics, and want to know why you should waste your time giving these outsiders any of your attention, I would point you to this article on the importance of capital theory in understanding the current financial crisis.

Finally, why should you continue to visit this blog? Besides the stream of wisealeck commentary, it also provides recommendations for how to navigate your household through the coming hyperdepression. And for those of you who are Christians, you may appreciate my Sunday “religious posts,” such as this.

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