05 Apr 2009


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* Tim Haab over at Env-Econ links to this story about flatulent cows. I don’t care about the fish oil; what caught my eye was the casual discussion of capping the number of farm animals to avert global warming. I had never heard that before; up till now, I thought that was just a reductio ad absurdum that right-wingers used. (E.g.: “Obama’s cap-and-trade could require farmers to buy carbon allowances!” Leftist: “Aww c’mon, stop scaring people. Nobody’s talking about cow farts except you nutjobs.”)

* Speaking of right wingers, here’s a great Anthony Gregory article on how they are only really good on fearing the government when there is a liberal Democrat in the White House. Well, better late than never.

* Here’s Bob Higgs on CSPAN, via the multifaceted von Pepe. I haven’t watched this yet, but everyone’s raving.

* Ryan McMaken links to this story about KFC offering to fix potholes in Chicago, so long as they can leave an ad. Check out the comments on the article; they’re scary. (Also, there is a “Murph” and an “rpm” who are NOT me.) My favorite was someone posing as Wonder Woman who said:

Love it. If I have to see an ad, might as well serve a purpose.

In my wildest dreams it would result in lower taxes since the city saves on pothole repair. Oh, if only capitalism were that user-friendly.

Everyone got that? The government monopolizes the roads “for our own good.” The roads are awful; they literally cause probably thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. So a private company offers to fix the roads at their own expense, and the government says no. And somehow the wistful blogger manages to spin that around to show that in the real world, capitalism doesn’t serve the people.

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