18 Apr 2009

Janeane Garofalo Makes Keith Olbermann Seem Moderate

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It’s a bit unclear, but I suspect that Olbermann and Garofalo did not contribute to the Republican National Committee last year.

The two confident analysts have a decent point about the crowd booing the unemployed guy (featured in the beginning of the clip), but give me a break: He wasn’t trying to say, “Whoa guys, let’s not be tricked by the Republicans again; they aren’t the conservatives they claim to be.”

No, this guy was clearly a pro-Obama infiltrator who went up there knowing full well he would be booed. He raised his hands in pride afterward.

So are there leftist rallies where such a person would be greeted with delight? If I snuck into an anti-globalization rally and got the mic, and said, “Now how many of you have cell phones? OK, that’s capitalism baby, woo hoo!” what would happen to me? I doubt I would get a string of “Amen!”s.

In fact, if you listen really carefully–you may have to rewind it a couple times–I think when the guy says, “Let’s place the blame squarely where it belongs, in the hands of the Republican party!” the woman to his left yells, “Both parties!” as she shakes her head no.

Anyway, check it out. I bet David Henderson would be surprised to learn that he is mad a black man is in the White House, but Garofalo knows what’s up.

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