14 Apr 2009

I Didn’t Tell You So

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OK folks, in the interest of getting to sleep at night, let me be honest and admit that I was very surprised at the reported outcomes of the captain being held hostage and also at today’s PPI report. Assuming the official accounts are accurate–i.e. that three snipers really all had head shots on a bobbing boat and acted just before the captain was possibly about to be gunned down with an AK-47, and that the BLS did not tinker with their “seasonal adjustments” to justify further Fed inflation–then my writings on these topics were off.

Specifically, if (say) snipers had missed and killed the captain, or if the PPI (and especially the forthcoming CPI) numbers showed 5% annualized price inflation rates, then I would basically have said, “You heard it here first.”

So there ya go.

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