17 Apr 2009

Great Timing! Google Drops Free Advice From Its Index

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So a few days ago I got an email purporting to be from Google explaining that my site had been dropped from their index because it didn’t live up to the Google quality guidelines. I thought the email might be spam, but then I noticed yesterday (when trying to find old Free Advice posts) that Google wasn’t bringing up any Free Advice hits.

I am no expert with the ways of the Intertubes, but apparently there had been “open permissions” or something on my site before, and so third parties were putting in stuff unbeknownst to me. I called my hosting service and they undid it in like 15 seconds (for real). I was tempted to say, “Umm, why is the default such that my website was vulnerable like this?” but I didn’t bother since the guy may have retaliated by changing my blog into Spanish or something.

So, long story short, my book launches Monday, I’ve already got about 30 radio interviews lined up, and Google now informs me that it could be several weeks before “free advice robert murphy” brings people to my blog.


(BTW, of course Google doesn’t owe me anything, and I understand why they have these procedures. It is just annoying that this had to happen 5 days before my book launch. I know, life is rough.)

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