24 Mar 2009

Your Government Is Lying to You

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So what’s new? I know I know, but every once in a while these things just hit me, and so I pass them along.

Today’s case in point, the White House’s own estimate of federal debt held by the public. As you can see in Table S-1 here [pdf], the Obama Team in its own rosy forecasts says that the federal debt as a % of GDP will rise from 41% in 2008 to 67% by 2019.

Folks, this isn’t, “Oh, George Bush screwed things up and so now we have to spend money to save money.” You don’t raise the national debt as a share of the economy by 63% over the course of ten years, if you’re really concerned about fiscal responsibility. To say that you are doing everything possible to restore sanity to the nation’s finances would be, well, a lie.

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