15 Mar 2009

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?, Part 17

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I think I’ve hit another aspect of it. (Note that I’m not sure if any of the mysteries of God can ever be fully explained while you still have a human body. Rather, I think what happens is that they gradually make more and more sense to you if you continue meditating on them. But you very rarely can say, “Aha! I figured it out guys!”)

Part of why God is so funny/bold/shocking is that He is omnipotent and yet chose to entrust the propagation of His will to a bunch of humans, and in particular humans who overwhelmingly were poor, uneducated, and social rejects. Moreover, rather than arming His servants with a supergun or magical shielding, instead He gives them a bunch of ideas written down into a book that tells stories.

Just think about that. Let it sink in. God is not refraining from intervention out of stupidity or malice or indifference, He’s doing it out of braggadocio. We tremble and say, “But Satan isn’t afraid to lie and hurt little babies!!! Do something!!”

And the LORD says,

I AM doing something. I exist, and that is enough. But I also directly told some of you the Truth. Trust me, I designed the world–the ‘real world’ as you like to call it in your cute and redundant way–so that Truth and Love are stronger than lies and hate. Just watch. And in the meantime, since you have no idea what is going on, do what I tell you, OK? I love you.

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