13 Mar 2009

Two Murphy Audio Clips

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* Here (mp3) is my 14-minute commercial for the Human Action study guide at the 2009 Austrian Scholars Conference (pdf). For what it’s worth, I had several people tell me this was the best presentation I have ever given. (Note that that is not necessarily a compliment.) What happpens so often (at least in my life) is that I wasn’t prepared to give such a long talk. I thought all of us authors would be sitting at a long table and would give a few remarks about our books and then throw it open for Q&A. It was only when I got in there and saw the podium on the stage with the video camera set up, and Mark Thornton told me, “You’ve got 15 minutes, I’ll signal you when your time is running out,” that I realized, “Whoa! I’ve got a half hour to come up with some jokes!” Fortunately Tom Woods (mp3) made a fool of himself in the opening talk, and thus provided me with a few easy opening lines. (Note this would probably translate better if you could see the video rather than listen to the audio; I don’t know if they will ultimately put that up on the website as well.)

* Here (mp3) are two phone interviews I did with Scott Horton on the economic crisis.

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