31 Mar 2009

Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone, but the PIG to the Great Depression and the New Deal Exists

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Yesterday I got a box of 10 copies of my new book. Longtime readers know that I am nothing if not modest, but I have to say that this book is sweet. In all seriousness, it used to terrify me when people suggested I give a talk at a bookstore for my first PIG book, since I couldn’t imagine passersby getting drawn in by my discussion of cartels.

However, when it comes to cartels created by the New Deal, now you’re talking. I can truthfully say that there is some powerful stuff in this new book that is sadly lacking from the current political buzz.

Here’s the deal: In order to maximize the chance of getting onto bestseller lists, the publisher wants to hold fire until launch day (April 20). But, it also helps if–when people hear me on the radio and check out Amazon–they see a bunch of favorable reviews from people who have clearly read the book.

So, for any of you who were planning on buying it from Amazon, it’s probably most strategic if you pre-order the book and get it as soon as possible, and then write a favorable review on Amazon. (If you hate the book, just remember what your mom said about not having anything nice to say.)

But to be clear, don’t buy 15 copies for your liberal relatives just yet. The mass buying should be postponed until the week of April 20.

Good luck, comrades. May the force be with us.

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