09 Mar 2009


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* My brother sends me this YouTube of Hitler reacting to the Buffalo Bills’ signing of Terrell Owens. (We grew up in Rochester and so are Bills fans–they lost the Superbowl every year I was in high school. I am still bitter.) This is now the 3rd or 4th spoof of this scene; can someone tell me the actual movie?! It looks awesome.

* A reader (sorry I forget which thread this was in so I can’t look up who it was!) recommended this rather ominous story about the Bank of England promising to inflate until the economy is fixed. *Gulp*

* LRC hosts this AWESOME Jim Rogers interview. It’s 26 minutes, so what I did was start it and then do other stuff. But note how the young interviewer keeps bringing up the same fallacies over and over, and the wisened old Rogers–like Yoda correcting Luke’s aggression–keeps bringing him back to reality. It’s especially funny around 12:00 when Rogers reminds the guy that the British government couldn’t borrow money in the 1970s, and the guy says, “But that can’t happen again.” Rogers says (paraphrasing), “Well why don’t you write that one down and we’ll see.”

* Tyler Cowen links to a Greg Ransom post. The guy below is Hayek, the animal is named “Inflation,” and you’ll have to click here to see the full story (including double entendre).

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