03 Mar 2009


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* Mark Weber passes along a Vanity Fair interview with Louis CK. Now in the middle you might think, “Wait a second, he sounds anti-consumer, not anti-Fed! I’ve been duped!” But c’mon, the guy’s a comedian. Just like you can love Carlin and Bill Hicks for their foreign policy riffs, so too can you appreciate the 85% positive message in Louis CK’s views. And anyway, hang in with him to the end; he’s great. While I’m on the topic, check out this clip of possible Dane Cook ripoffs from Louis CK. (Be careful, there are naughty words. I don’t believe in IP, mind you; this at worst makes Cook a jerk, not a thief.) Last thing: I drive an Infiniti too, so Louis CK is cool.

* Here is a documentary in progress about the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

* Arnold Kling talks smack, but David Henderson defends my honor.

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