06 Mar 2009

OK I Will Ignore DeLong, Starting…Now

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I misspoke in the previous post when I said I was done nitpicking Brad DeLong’s posts. For how could I know that he would then devote an entire post to me?! (What timing.) Regular readers here will see right away the true hilarity in DeLong’s response. PLEASE be nice, guys. Let’s be the classiest commenters in the blogosphere. We already know we’re right (or at least we think we do). The point is to get innocent readers at DeLong’s site to question his preaching.

UPDATE: For DeLong readers who are coming here to see the original controversy, this is the post you want. It’s fine for DeLong to argue that Hoover followed Mellon’s advice in practice, but surely he should have mentioned the fact that his quotes from Hoover were written by Hoover to discredit Mellon.

2 Responses to “OK I Will Ignore DeLong, Starting…Now”

  1. Adam says:

    The link on BDeL’s post is incorrect:

    The “startingnow” should be “starting-now”. As is, you get a dead link.

    I’m sure it was just a typo when he cut and pasted.

    • bobmurphy says:

      It’s possible it has to do with my revamp of the blog. I’m pretty sure the link worked when he first posted that.