24 Mar 2009

An Oldie But Goodie

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Because I have a new book coming that (I hope) will appeal to conservative fans of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, I reviewed my LvMI talk about my first book. I was worried that the speech–entitled (not by me) “How I Bamboozled Thousands of Conservatives Into Thinking Like Anarchists”–would turn these people off once I was “outed.”

Now it’s true, I am very radical in this talk. (Another hidden gem: My discussion of Jonah Goldberg’s infamous mugging of Gene Callahan. This was back when Gene wanted to be associated with the Institute of Ludwig von Mises.*) Even so, I must plead to being Ralphie when he reads his essay on what he wants for Christmas: “Wow that’s great.”

Go ahead and listen, conservatives. Prove me wrong, kids, prove me wrong.

* This is where I stir up controversy in order to increase Google ad revenues. I may discuss the libertarian approach to abortion in a future post.

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