25 Feb 2009

Very Funny Commenter Points Out Matrix Bloopers

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This guy really cracks me up. If you watch it, then come back and watch it again in a day, he is even funnier. Do you think that is really his accent, or is it an American doing a Borat/Siskel/Saget merge? What’s great is now that people have seen how easily you can bring traffic to your website by putting out a very entertaining video clip, the stuff on YouTube is going to get awesome.

Another thing: I don’t get what the guy on the ground with a bullet in his forehead is doing right then, but it’s clearly not the agent that Trinity shoots at point blank range (in the side of the head). So the “blooper” documented at around 2:55 is an open one in my book until I see more evidence. (I don’t work for Scotland Yard or anything.)

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