18 Feb 2009

That’s Not Me Baby, Really

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All right this confusion with multiple Bob Murphys is really getting out of hand. I was just talking to my boss about media training and he said, “Of course, we really need to polish the karaoke.” So I just laughed, figuring he’d heard of my antics at Mises University. But then he said, “For one thing, that was a really hard song you picked.”

I said, “Wait, what are you talking about?” It seems someone posted it on YouTube without telling me.

Now I just want to say one thing: Below was a song I picked as a warm up, the first song of the night, when the bar wasn’t even half full yet. OK? I had never done it before, and I was curious. When more of the students showed up, then I unloaded with the stand-bys that I have practiced several times.

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