11 Feb 2009

Someone Make It Stop: Rachel Maddow Sums Up Krugman

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Sheldon Richman links to the below video, but advises his readers against watching it. But I must disagree; Rachel Maddow’s commentary is beautiful in its clarity, its confidence, and its idiocy. It’s about 8 minutes, and I know that sounds like a long time, but I urge you to just click the thing and watch it. You really need to hear the build-up, in order to see how she can so smugly utter the following climax as if it’s self-evident: Maddow explicitly says that citizens should oppose tax cuts, as opposed to the spending components of the stimulus bill, because getting tax rebates would be wasting the taxpayers’ money. Let me repeat: Maddow urges citizens to reject tax cuts in favor of politicians spending the money, on the grounds that this will prevent the waste of taxpayer funds.

Crazy, I know, but you really should watch the video to see why she is so sure she’s right.

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