16 Feb 2009

I Need a Stage Name

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This is getting ridiculous. Besides the golf announcer, a million athletes, and a Boston College economics professor, there are just too many of us Bob Murphys walking around. I came across this blog post and was getting really upset when it said:

Perhaps, argues Bob Murphy, Greenspan was motivated by his Objectivist beliefs to act like the perfect unrestrained Keynesian in order to show us that Keynesianism does not work. He was deliberately trying to break the system instead of thinking, as his admirers did during his tenure, that he was trying to find the winning combination that would result in unending prosperity.

I was thinking, “What in the HECK did I write, that led this blogger to so completely misunderstand my position?!”

But then I followed his link, and it was to, um, some guy named Robert Murphy who did indeed advance that theory about Greenspan.

Glad I did 2 minutes of due diligence before leaving a sarcastic comment!

I think it is clear that I need a stage name. “Vanilla Ice” is taken, so I don’t know that we should even strive for coolness at this point, and instead we should settle for clarity.

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