02 Jan 2009

TIME Hit Piece on Lew Rockwell

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This is hilarious (HT2LRC). If you are new to my blog and are just learning about Austrian economics etc., don’t bother clicking the above link. But if you know the ins, outs, whys, and wherefores, just look at how ignorant the TIME blogger is when discussing the factions in Austrian economics. In particular, he implies that Steve Horwitz (!!) is a nutjob Rothbardian taking orders from Lew Rockwell. Also, he implies that Tyler Cowen has a respectable book on Hayekian business cycles whereas Roger Garrison doesn’t.

What’s really scary is that this TIME guy probably knows more about the Austrian movement than the Bush Administration knew about Iraqi insurgents.

UPDATE: OK in fairness to the TIME guy, at the end of his post he pulls back by saying, “Roger Garrison of Auburn and Steve Horwitz of St. Lawrence University, the two modern Austrian-school economists he recommends, seem on first examination to be more interesting than loopy or strident, so I’ll start looking out for their writings.” So fine fine, he is more careful than certain members of the Bush Administration.

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