27 Jan 2009

Ron Paul Educates the Talking Heads

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Folks, I only post about 10% of the Ron Paul stuff that comes my way. It is my filtering service, for you. The clip below is about 10 minutes but it’s really good. Paul fields all the questions fired at him, and not only gives sound answers but usually packages them fairly sleekly as well. There is only a hint of the standard politician’s, “Whatever the question, quickly steer it back to your talking points.” And in any event, his talking points are awesome. My only objection was that he basically conceded there would be double-digit unemployment for a long time if his advice were followed, and I don’t think that is true. (But in fairness to Paul, maybe he thought the question was, “If we don’t do stimulus and just ‘do nothing,’ won’t there be high unemployment for years?”) (HT2 LRC)

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