24 Jan 2009

Obama Makes His Bones as President

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…by ordering Predator strikes that allegedly killed at least 3 children. (HT2 LRC) Some of the comments at the Times UK site were great; the featured 3 (when I clicked on it) were:

There are few places in the West where a man could be convicted on the basis of the evidence we have seen concerning the events of 11 September, and glaring discrepancies abound in the news clips of that day, but we occupy Afghanistan and attack Pakistan on the basis of vague connections.
—-Luke, Liverpool, NS, Canada

If Bush had ordered this Pakistan strike it would have been the old warmonger at work again. Now, according to one gushing journalist elsewhere, it is Obama proving he is a leader and not afraid to use the military option. My ohmy, how much has changed since last Tuesday,
—-Donald Last, Worthing, UK

where is the change Mr Obama?
—-kal, London, UK

I really hope to be proven wrong on this, but I still think Obama will stand up for peace the way I thought (in 2000) George Bush at least would be a free market kinda guy.

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