23 Jan 2009


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Jason brings to my attention this documentary project. I think these guys are nuts–meaning, I can’t believe they are screwing with cops like this. What they do is set up a room designed to look like a marijuana growing operation, but they don’t actually do anything illegal. And then they install hidden cameras to catch the police when they (allegedly) come in without a warrant etc.

The main idea here is that they claim the police routinely get a bogus witness to say there is illegal stuff going on at the private residence, and then the judge signs a warrant. So for real drug dealers, obviously they can’t prove that the police just invented the “evidence” to get the warrant.

But if the cameras have been rolling the whole time, and the whole thing is a reverse sting, then it’s obvious the cops must have lied when they said they had an informant saying he’d bought drugs at the house.

Anyway, an interesting project, but like I said I don’t mess with cops. When I get pulled over, it is hands-on-the-steering-wheel, and “Yes officer.” And I don’t try to catch them breaking the law on tape.

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