21 Jan 2009

Glenn Beck Is the Man

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I know he dissed Ron Paul back when it mattered, but I don’t care: Glenn Beck is on fire. Unlike other “right wing” hosts who whine about liberal hypocrisy yadda yadda yadda, Beck every night keeps hammering home the fact that the government is taking over the financial sector. Tonight he gave two very specific examples of how Citigroup and Bank of America were pressured to make bad business decisions because they were dependent on the government. This isn’t, “Hey, Pelosi took a limo to the inaugural, sic Al Gore on her!” This is serious stuff.

I didn’t catch the guy’s full name (Beck kept calling him Steve), but there was a free market economist on tonight who was saying the stimulus plans were nonsense. Fine, fair enough. But then Beck pushed him on the inflation issue. Beck did an aww shucks “what do I have wrong here?” and said what I’ve been saying for months now–that when real output is falling and the Fed is printing money like crazy, you are going to get big time price inflation. (And yes, Beck went over the aspect of falling real output–not his term of course–and knew full well what he was saying.)

So anyway, the free market economist “Steve” wussed out. He said something like, there would be not inflation like the 70s, but maybe 6 – 7%. And then–bless his heart–Beck laughed in the guy’s face, though goodnaturedly. He said, “Steve, if you think we’re going to have 6 or 7% inflation, you’re fooling yourself.”

Woo hoo! Keep it real, Glenn!

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