09 Dec 2008

Illinois Governor Arrested for Trying to Sell Obama’s Vacant Seat

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This story is incredible. (It seems EPJ has more details than the CNBC story.) This episode reminds us all that the feds run the show. You have to suspect that if they decide to wiretap a governor, they will eventually accumulate some really damning phone calls. (Even if not criminal, certainly politically embarrassing.) In any event, it seems the Illinois governor got caught pretty red-handed, unless the wiretaps are complete fabrications.

UPDATE: The theory on LRC is that the motivation for the arrest was Governor Blagojevich’s stand against Bank of America. Incidentally, based just on the details from the Bloomberg story, I side with the critics of Blagojevich; a governor shouldn’t be pressuring banks to extend lines of credit to anybody. On the other hand, it is also spooky if the way this was all “resolved” is that Blagojevich gets arrested for corruption charges.

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