11 Dec 2008

Highlights from Marginal Revolution

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As some of you may have noticed, the frequency of posts here has plummeted in recent weeks. This is because I actually have “real work” to do, not to mention writing a book in (now) 6 weeks.

But, that doesn’t stop me from being a wiseguy over at MR. In commenting on Chapter 4 of Keynes’ General Theory, Tyler Cowen concludes with: “With this one chapter, Austrian capital theory falls off the map.”

To that, I responded, “And depressions were vanquished once and for all!”

Now here I thought I was merely entertaining myself (and providing needed procrastination from activities that actually generate income), but to my surprise the next comment was: “I clicked on the comments just because I wanted to see what Bob Murphy would write.”

If I can turn one frown upside down, it’s all worth it. My work is done here.

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