12 Dec 2008

Ex-Austrian Declares: "We Need to Save More and to Spend More"

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Really, that’s what he says, though not in the same sentence. (HT2 Jim Fedako.) I’m not going to bother quoting this guy, who says he believed in Austrian economics until the Lehman collapse. I guess the guy’s position is analogous to somebody who says, “We never should have gone into Iraq, but now that we’re there, we need to drop a few nukes to show them we mean business.”

Except it’s worse than that; to make it truly analogous we have to add, “So let’s go ahead and drop those nukes, but keep in mind–as I’ve said ever since Bush ordered the invasion–that only a non-violent approach can really resolve this situation.”

Am I being unfair to this guy? Go ahead and read his post if you doubt me. And you don’t need to parse closely; just skim his sentences that are in bold.

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