22 Dec 2008

Epstein Hearts Callahan

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Gene Epstein places Gene Callahan’s Economics for Real People (book or pdf) at the top of his holiday list. (In the box it’s third in the list, but Epstein discusses it first.) It really is the best intro to Austrian economics available; I used it as a textbook in my Austrian I class at Hillsdale.

Sadly, the best economics book ever didn’t make the cut this year. What’s odd is that Thomas Sowell’s book Applied Economics is on there, when–as all who read my Wikipedia page know–in his review of my book and Sowell’s previous one, Epstein declared:

I only wish Sowell [in Basic Economics] were as informed about the economics of the Austrian school as author Robert Murphy. While Basic Economics and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism work well as companion volumes, in the few cases where they seem to disagree—as in the discussion of money and business cycles—Murphy’s version is the more trustworthy.

Hmm, something tells me that in this festive time of year, I should rejoice in Gene’s success and not pout about the injustices I endure daily. Maybe…

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