05 Nov 2008

Naomi Wolf Stands Corrected

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I don’t really have that much to say about the Obama win; it was what most people were expecting. I’m glad that at least Obama’s economic policies will be labeled “Marxist” rather than John McCain’s Obama-lite policies which would have been touted as “market-oriented.” At least now, if and when we get ration cards for milk and the wait times for kidney transplants go up, we’ll be able to blame it on interventions in the marketplace. I will have a column this Saturday at TownHall that elaborates on this theme.

I should also admit that my enthusiasm for this interview with Naomi Wolf was a bit misplaced. I thought she was great for saying (start listening at 21:00) something like, “There’s not going to be an election as usual…Why on earth would he [Bush] hand over power to a Barack Obama presidency after an election? This is crazy thinking, this is denial, and we have to snap out of it.”

Well, it looks like that was a bit overblown. Now to distance myself, I said at the time (when I was arguing with people who pooh-poohed Wolf’s shrill warnings) that I thought she was being naive for assuming Obama was outside of the Powers That Be. His backtracking on foreign policy convinced me that he would go along to get along, and wouldn’t pose a serious threat to The Man.*

So in fairness, I want to publicly acknolwedge that Wolf’s interview now sounds humorously alarmist. I am forced to make this post, because if (say) there had been a subway attack on November 2 in New York City, such that the Bush administration “had” to postpone the election, then obviously I would been pointing to Wolf as a genius. So fair is fair, she was wrong about this election.

* The Man will remain unnamed because I don’t know exactly who he is, and even if I did I wouldn’t let him know that I knew his identity.

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