01 Nov 2008

Murphy Interview on the Mike Beitler Show

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Mike Beitler interviewed me on Thursday [mp3]. We actually talked mostly about my book. (There might be a discreet ad to the left if you’re not sure which book I mean.) The main topics were rent control, minimum wage laws, and the Fed. It’s pretty basic stuff for you overachievers, but it might soothe you if you are having a bad day.

Speaking of interviews, I cannot stress how excited I am about the Lew Rockwell / Naomi Wolf interview. I just listened to most of it again. For a long time I have thought Austro-libertarians need to cut lefties some slack. After all, in practice real-world corporations do suck on the welfare teat and some of them do work in league with Third World governments to exploit their hapless people. And then this whole system is called “the free market” by leading Republicans and “conservative” thinkers.

So let’s cut these people some slack. It doesn’t mean you need to water down your own views, it just means that somebody like Naomi Wolf–who is either very intellectually honest or an incredible actress–could understandably be skeptical at first of an ideology that trumpets the virtue of the profit and loss system as a way to help poor people.

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