06 Nov 2008

And Now For Something, Completely Different

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I am currently in Sacramento on top-secret PRI business. (I could tell you, but then I’d have to give you an Indian burn.) When I got off the plane, I had a voice mail from a woman with an awesome British accent telling me the BBC wanted me to discuss interest rate cuts and whether they would lead to a new asset bubble.

At first I was completely befuddled. Why the heck were they calling me? I mean, I know I’m a genius, but how did they? Was MI6 more on the ball than I had thought?

It turns out my Mises.org piece ran today, and so they must have gotten my name from that. But isn’t that pretty impressive? “Mises.org–it’s not just for right-wing kooks anymore.”

Two other points of interest: When I called them back, I got the secretary of the producer. She said, “She’s in a meeting right now, can I take your number?” I said, “OK are you ready?” And she goes, “I’m the secretary of course I’m ready” or something. Snooty Brits.

Second point of interest: I was putzing around my hotel room waiting for them to call back, but my trusty World Wide Web tells me it is now 1:30 am London time. I’m thinking she’s not returning my call. Whoa, high school flashback…

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