05 Oct 2008

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?, Part 28

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One of the most challenging academic questions for theists is, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” Unlike other brain teasers involving God, this one really hits home, for obvious reasons.

Now I think part of what is going on–and I am a born-again Christian, so that colors my explanation here–is that God wants us to really really trust that He will forgive us for our sins.

And so, by allowing sinners to do atrocious things but then being willing to forgive them, God encourages onlooking Christians to feel less guilty for the sins they’ve committed, and thus concentrate on loving everyone, as Christ commanded them.

Finally, in this component of the reason, again we find that the Crucifixion was the ultimate example. If Jesus could ask the Father to forgive the very people who were torturing and murdering Him–as they were doing it, not five years later when He is thinking back on the episode–then we really should trust that He is willing to forgive us.

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