06 Oct 2008

"October 1, 2008: The Coup in America Took Place"

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So argues Naomi Wolf (not to be confused with Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine). Now folks, Robert Wenzel sent me this 27 minute YouTube, and I wrote back, “What part should I listen to? I don’t have time for this whole thing.” And he just said, “The whole thing, man.”

He was right.

You’re busy, I know. Fair enough. Just start running it and then go check your Bloglines, your fantasy football team, whatever. Wolf sounds very credible and what she is saying is very scary. She ties together a bunch of things that I have been harping on here at Free Advice, but she connects them in a way that I hadn’t done. By about the 15:00 mark, I think you will agree with her that a coup has taken place.

Incidentally, below is the clip she alludes to, where Brad Sherman (the same guy I gave a wise aleck answer to when I testified before the Financial Services Committee) says that representatives in Congress were told the president would impose martial law if they didn’t vote for the bailout.

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