29 Oct 2008

It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Believe in "Intellectual Property"

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What do you think, kids? At MR on October 27, Tyler pointed to the higher TIPS yield than nominal, as evidence that the market was predicting deflation. In the comments (time-stamped at 1:23 PM), I referred to a FRED graph that showed the history of the two series, in order to argue that Tyler’s explanation was bogus.

Then, on the evening of October 27, I posted that same (incredible) chart here on Free Advice, with an elaborated explanation.

Now today, Matt Machaj linked me to this post (note it was made on October 28) and asked what I thought. You can imagine my first thought, and it had nothing to do with the bond market.

Now it’s not a smoking gun, I grant you. After all, we are both linking to a FRED-generated graph. But still…

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