02 Oct 2008

Humor in the VP Debate

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The last two nights I have pulled “half-niters” so I have to crash now, rather than doing a full-length analysis. I am sure if I get an important project Friday morning, I will choose to write up more on the VP debate instead of the project…

Anyway, I just wanted to note that both candidates made me chuckle. Palin was funny when she explained that her summer comment about having to learn what the vice president does was a “lame attempt at a joke” and that Biden’s statement must have been also, since “nobody got the joke.” (I’m paraphrasing slightly I imagine.)

And then a few moments later, Biden cracked me up when took strong issue with Dick Cheney’s interpretation of vice presidential authorities. Biden said that the Constitution was explicit that the VP was in the executive branch, and could only vote in the Senate to break a tie. Ha ha, that’s a good one Joe. We know in your 35 years of being our servant that you won’t exercise powers unless the Constitution explicitly grants them to you.

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