04 Sep 2008

What Do Sarah Palin and Ron Paul Have in Common?

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(a) They’re both Republicans.

(b) They were both in Minnesota this week.

(c) They both rely on others to organize their message.

(d) They are both pit bulls.

(e) They are both pit bulls with lipstick.

(f) Answers (a) through (d).

The critics of both have pounced because of (truthful) answer (c). The Washington Post reported with shock that Ron Paul had help from (disclosure: my friend) Tom Woods in crafting his bestseller, while today one of the counterattacks on Sarah Palin is that she “didn’t write her own speech.”

This stuff is a riot. I realize if you’re Team Obama and you’ve got millions of people who desperately want you to win, some of them are going to throw out goofy arguments (like the objection that Palin didn’t write her own speech). Still, that’s pretty funny, especially in light of Biden’s past flirtations with plagiarism.

What’s really strange about the Ron Paul story is that I would’ve thought they could pull choice quotes from people’s speeches in order to portray the Paulians as nutjobs, rather than going the he-had-a-ghostwriter route. I guess that’s why I’m not in charge of a newspaper.

Oh one final thing. This is supposed to be a blog about financial advice, so here ya go: Don’t bet on the political attacks (from either side) getting any more intelligent.

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