13 Sep 2008

Thoughts on the T. Boone Pickens’ Plan

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If you spend 15 minutes analyzing this thing, you will realize that the online details are laughably few, for something that T. Boone obviously cares so much about. I mean, really, I’ve spent longer doing a Mises.org article that it looks like went into the content of his website.

And yet everyone is talking about it. And that means some version of this might be passed into law, whether Obama or McCain is elected. Do you think anyone in Congress will do a cost/benefit of Pickens’ Plan versus SPR expansion, before voting to commit trillions of dollars to the plan? Ha, that’s a good one.

Isn’t there something a little screwy with the American “way of life,” when a rich guy can take 3 intuitions, add in 5 arithmetical operations, and end up getting billions in his pocket for his efforts? Of course he has to make it “relevant,” and so he spent a few million on advertising.

Basically T. Boone Pickens paid a few million to convince Americans they should let him fleece them of a few billion.* I say steal steal steal!

* Numbers may be off by up to 1200%. Good enough for the Pickens Plan though.

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