17 Sep 2008

Faith in Humanity Update

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I’m pleased to report that I just got my cell phone back in the mail. (Loyal readers will recall that I left it in a cab last week.) And because I was pressed for time, I just put in a $5 bill for the guy (with the postage paid envelope). So maybe The Dark Knight was right, and average people are good.

This almost makes up for the time my wife and I were walking home from a bar in Auburn, AL (home of the Mises Institute) and we wanted to get something from McDonald’s. Unfortunately only the drive-thru was open. So we gave our order and (I think) a $10 bill to some college kids in line, and when they were behind the building they must have taken off out a different exit, because after about 15 minutes on the other end, we realized they were no longer in the queue of cars.

Now if you think about it, that’s pretty bad. Everybody in line had beer munchies, and it was only a $10 bill (I wouldn’t have been so foolish as to hand them a $20). It had occurred to me, of course, that they might bolt, but I figured the payoff wouldn’t be worth it. I think what probably was decisive was that there were a few guys in the car, and so it probably was funnier/safer for the driver to rip me off in front of his buddies.

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