11 Sep 2008

Don’t Tax the Poor Oil Companies!

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I’ve been lightly blogging lately because the Bat Signal flashed and I had to fly to DC to participate in a Hill briefing. IER has just released a new study gauging the possible impacts of repealing the Section 199 tax deduction on major oil and gas companies. (This is part of the “revenue offsets”–I think that means “tax hike”–to pay for the $84 billion in goodies in the Gang of 10 [16] plan.)

Incidentally, on the way to the airport I somehow left my cell phone in the cab. Those who know me should be shocked; I truly border on OCD when I fly. (E.g. after going through security I quite possibly check 3 times per hour that I still have my license on me.)

Fortunately, I had tipped the guy fairly well, and when I got back “home” (actually to my parents to pick up my son) I used their cell to call mine. The cabbie answered, and I said I would mail him a SASE so he could pop my phone in a mailbox.

Question: I want to give him something “for the effort,” as Bill Murray would say. Yet a $5 bill seems crass. I’m thinking of a gift card to Starbucks. Is that too metrosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?

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