13 Sep 2008

Decision Concerning Posting Strategy

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Dear readers,

I have struggled up to now to keep my posts “on topic.” But it occurs to me that many of you aren’t coming in just to receive free advice on personal financial matters, advice that is heavily colored with my overall worldview, especially as it pertains to my economic theories. (Wow that sentence was entirely too long!)

Anyway, I will be peppering this thing with shorter, random thoughts, a la the Gene Callahan method of blogging. But in contrast to Callahan’s style, I will try to post at least 5 serious, thoughtful items per week.

Robert P. Murphy
President, Vice President, and CEO* of ConsultingByRpm

* Really, I hold all three positions (or something like them) that I needed to christen for filing purposes. Under a Rothbardian system, I could just declare myself Wizard of Oz, subject to the caveat that I would have to put in a disclaimer on any contractual relationships arranged between myself and people who have never seen The Wizard of Oz.

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