25 Sep 2008

Americans Oppose Corporate Welfare; Feds Agree to Disagree

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I wish the margin were higher, but it reassures me that the average Joe ain’t half bad: the American people oppose the Paulson Plan:

Americans oppose government rescues of ailing financial companies by a decisive margin, and blame Wall Street and President George W. Bush for the credit crisis.

By a margin of 55 percent to 31 percent, Americans say it’s not the government’s responsibility to bail out private companies with taxpayer dollars, even if their collapse could damage the economy, according to the latest Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll.

And yet, I am very confident that at least several hundred billion dollars will get siphoned out of our pockets and into Hank’s buddies’. This episode really gives new meaning (for me) to Bob Dylan’s lines from “Hurricane”:

Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties
Are free to drink martinis, and watch the sun rise.
While Rubin sits like Buddha, in a ten foot cell.
An innocent man, in a living hell.

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