18 Aug 2016

Provocative Potpourri

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==> Tom Woods has an ensemble on to explain why Murray Rothbard was important. And if you protest, “Why are you guys so sectarian?!” all I can say is, “They started it!!”

==> Oh, now that I’ve posted my sample Liberty Classroom lecture, I don’t mind posting this Contra Krugman episode where we mention the course. (We also discuss some NYT columnist.)

==> You hear people say stuff like, “Don’t feed the trolls.” But that’s because they are not familiar with the work of a master.

==> I don’t think this is trolling per se, but c’mon… This is why you keep coming back for more, even if you’re a statist atheist.

18 Aug 2016

Sample “Liberty Classroom” Lecture on Bohm-Bawerk

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As 3 of you know, my doctoral dissertation focused on the work of Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk. I was thrilled to be able to devote three of my lectures in my course for Tom Woods’ “Liberty Classroom” to Bohm-Bawerk’s work. Partly because I think even Mises and Rothbard misunderstood what Bohm-Bawerk was saying, I decided this would be a good lecture to use as my sample.

So, once you enjoy the below and think, “TAKE MY MONEY!” you should click this link.

Remember, you need to click this link to make all your History of Economic Thought dreams become a reality. Plus you’ll learn about U.S. history and stuff.

17 Aug 2016

David Friedman Bask

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(Remember, we don’t beg on this blog, we ask.)

In a recent EconLog post, Bryan Caplan quotes from Friedman’s book *Hidden Order*:

Economists are often accused of believing that everything –
health, happiness, life itself – can be measured in money.
What we actually believe is even odder. We believe that
everything can be measured in anything.
–David Friedman, Hidden Order

Can somebody please provide me with more of the context surrounding this quote? I have the book, somewhere, but I just moved and it would be equivalent to one-eighth of a murder for me to find it right now. (Read Caplan’s post if that seems like an odd statement.)

17 Aug 2016

Michigan Reform

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With co-authors, I have a new study from the Fraser Institute documenting the surprisingly sharp economic turnaround in Michigan. (We contrast it with Ontario.)

09 Aug 2016

European Banks and Nashville Seminars

Lara-Murphy Show 3 Comments

Carlos and I discuss European banks in the latest Lara-Murphy Show. We are going to be presenting on IBC for the general public with Nelson Nash–it’s his farewell seminar for Nashville–on Saturday August 13, 2016. Details here.

08 Aug 2016


Potpourri 35 Comments

==> I really don’t have time to jump into this, but FWIW, the WSJ ran a story criticizing Piketty. (You will not be surprised to hear that Daniel Kuehn on Facebook thought this was a ridiculous critique because of course Piketty never said what all of Piketty’s fans thought he said…)

==> I haven’t read this FEE article yet, but people sharing it on social media were saying it proved you should vote 3rd party rather than wasting your vote on the Rs or Ds. I doubt I would be convinced of *that* conclusion but I’m guessing the author is more nuanced.

==> A *Reason* article on the Left’s war on free speech. Naturally, the author can’t resist bringing up Donald Trump (twice).

==> Stock prices and the Fed, my update at Lara-Murphy.com.

08 Aug 2016


Contra Krugman, Potpourri 36 Comments

==> Yikes, I think I might be two Contra Krugman episodes behind. Here’s the live broadcast from Mises U, and here’s the latest episode where we discuss Krugman’s slogan for Hillary: “She probably won’t be a disaster.”

==> Lucas Engelhardt gives a nice review for my book *Choice*.

==> Steve Patterson argues that modern set theory is built on quicksand.

==> As it was intended, the Democratic clips of Donald Trump talking about a disabled reporter made me think he was mocking someone’s disability. That may not be true. (To be sure, I think the guy is still a jerk, but the single worst thing I thought I knew about his behavior was this clip–which now appears to be out of context. HT2 David R. Henderson who also is not pro-Trump, but is just clarifying the record.)

==> I haven’t read this yet, but there’s a naughty post-9/11 Seinfeld script running around…

07 Aug 2016

One More On All Those Racist Libertarians Supporting Christian Bakers

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As alluded to in my last post, Benny Lava (and he is hardly unique in this) kept suspecting that anybody who sided with the right of Christian bakers to not participate in gay weddings is probably a closet racist. I hope Benny never sees clips like this; his entire worldview would collapse.