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A Sponge for Contraception Discussions

Oh man, some foolish reporter decided to cross swords with Steve Landsburg, not realizing that this is the email equivalent of invading Stalingrad. In light of my recent post, and the comments in Steve’s latest, let me clarify my own “contribution” to this saga: (1) Originally, I thought Steve’s post was hilarious. Rush Limbaugh had […]

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More Blogging Is Safer Blogging

Steven Landsburg is drawing heat from the president of the University of Rochester over Steve’s posts on the Limbaugh/Fluke fiasco. (If anyone is concerned, I checked with Steve to see if we should all just let this issue die away, and he basically told me, “Bring it on” [not in so many words].) First, to […]

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Landsburg Has Another Talk With Us About Sex

I have long maintained that Steve Landsburg is a modern-day Swift, whose essay “More Sex is Safer Sex” is the best critique of mainstream externality arguments ever penned. The only problem is, Landsburg was serious. Landsburg displays similar skills with the ladies in his recent posts on the Fluke fiasco. Initially, Steve expressed disappointment with […]

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