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BTW, That New and Allegedly Definitive Saez-Zucman Result IS A POWERPOINT SHOW

Phil Magness tipped me off to this with his innocent Facebook query, wherein he politely asked: Can anyone find an actual paper that explains how Saez-Zucman (2014) gets their results, which–we are assured by Piketty and by Krugman, plus a host of lesser fans–demonstrate quite definitively that Piketty gets the basic story right in his […]

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We Are the 99.9999%!

My latest at Mises Canada has some Krugman funnies and I also showcase this chart, followed by my commentary from the post: This chart shows the percentage of wealth in the United States held by the 0.01%. That’s not a typo. I’m not talking about “the 1%,” and I’m not even talking about “the 0.1%.” […]

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