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Bob Talks More on Hoppe

By popular demand, I elaborate on my conversation with Stephan Kinsella about Hoppe’s argumentation ethics. But then I also talk about Hoppe’s essays on praxeology, which I think have been underrated.

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Stephan Kinsella Debates Bob Murphy on Argumentation Ethics

For real, this was awesome. I spent years thinking Stephan didn’t understand what Gene Callahan and I did in our critique of Hoppe’s famous argument for libertarian property rights, and (I’m guessing) Stephan spent years thinking we were morons. Well, we talked at least a half hour before we even found a spot where we […]

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“Hoppe Refutes Bleeding Heart Libertarianism”

I had nothing to do with the creation of this video. That’s how I can objectively say that it is the greatest thing I have seen in a week.

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