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==> BMS ep. 140, in which I do some highlights of my latest chapter on the theory and history of the gold standard in the U.S. ==> Barry Eichengreen as Austrian?! ==> A negative review of my review of Stephanie Kelton’s new MMT book. ==> Check out the new Call of Duty trailer!

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Timid Guys Finish Last

Bryan Caplan linked to a tour de force from Scott Alexander (not his real name) on a topic that should ring true to many lonely libertarian male readers. Here’s how Alexander opens his post: I recently had a patient, a black guy from the worst part of Detroit, let’s call him Dan, who was telling […]

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Why U.S. Economists Should Love Canada

From my latest Mises Canada post: As I’ll be exploring in many future posts, Canada offers a great opportunity for U.S. economists interested in historical research. Because the U.S. and Canada are both wealthy countries with similar forms of government, their physical proximity sheds light on the effects of different policies. Take the Great Depression […]

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