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Selgin Responds to Me on NGDP Targeting


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A Lawyer for Moore/Laffer Steps Forward

(UPDATE: Selgin responds; I post it below.) This is just a quick post because when I see people kicking a man who’s down, I feel obligated to step in. And note well, I am acting as a defense lawyer in the present post. Everybody who is accused of wrongdoing should have competent legal counsel, and […]

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Response to Selgin on Fractional Reserve Banking and the Business Cycle, Part I

George Selgin has a 3-part series (I, II, and III) at Alt-M taking people (like me) to task for claiming that FRB per se causes the boom-bust cycle as described by Mises/Hayek. To be clear, George is putting aside the issue of whether FRB is fraud, and is just focusing on the economics. (He thinks […]

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